September 7, 2010

Light Show

My bedroom is really small and painted an ugly mustard yellow that was meant to be trendy and ‘Mediterranean’ in the 90’s but in reality makes the room feel like a cave. However, the yellow has one benefit: every afternoon as the sun sets a light display slides its way up the wall opposite my bed. Once it hits the mirrors there it then bounces back onto the opposite wall and the show continues.

September 2, 2010

A room of my own

I’m in Brisbane. Yesterday I moved back into my room after being ‘roomless’ but not homeless for three weeks. I love having my own space. It didn’t take long to set my room up and make it ‘mine’ again. I quickly filled it with my favourite books, art supplies, photographic prints for the walls and a few memory holding objects that had been stored in the garage.
For a while I rebelled against keeping any kind of non-useful object (a difficult head space to be in considering as an artist I make objects that could be considered non-useful) but I’m realizing that for me these items are containers for memories, reminders of ideals or carriers of something intangible to be held onto. I only have a few on display - a small plastic coated photograph depicting a typical scene in Berlin given to me by my Berlin sister, a key chain with the virgin Mary on it, two small Ganesh statues (one purchased in India, the other purchased in Germany), a handmade box filled with stones and shells and a few other personal items to remind me of what’s important. What each object carries within it is only for me to know.