April 5, 2009

The Doing Girl

It was 3:00pm.  I had an hour and a half to inflate as many helium balloons as I could.  I had to tie weights to each string, attach the string to the balloon and then lay them out in neat lines. A lot of money was behind this project and the timing had to be just right.  I was told each balloon would only float for twelve hours so the timeframe to inflate and shoot was precise. It had to be this weekend. Then, at the last minute the person who originally agreed to help me couldn't make it.  My palms and forehead began to sweat even though it wasn't hot.  Things were going wrong.  If it wasn't for my family stepping in to help this project would have gone quite differently.  I had the help of my two youngest sisters (seven and ten), my darling brother Dion (19 years old with Down's Syndrome) and my Dad who just so happened to be on holidays from work.   

Pictured above is Ginevra, who was seven at the time,  affectionately known as 'the doing girl' because she likes doing things.  She helped tie the weights to the strings, organized them and positioned the balloons on the field as Dad and I inflated and tied balloons. 


Anonymous said...

I do like this. It has a nice sense of surealness to it.

Martha A. Wade said...

wonderful, you are so talented ;)

josephine said...

gosh, I didn't even know you *had* a 7 year old sister!