December 9, 2009

Jacaranda Love Goes Under the Hammer

"...the balloons play out human emotions and human agendas. I allow them to be spontaneous, to fight or be still as their mood dictates. Like humans they get tangled up in each other, they feel lonely, they reflect on lifes mysteries and they dance for joy in the sunlight..." ~extract from artist statement.

Jacaranda Love is the second image going up for auction at 140 Hours of Fame. This image is from my 2008 series The Outsiders

The image to be auctioned is numbered no. 9 of 10 and is 20x20 inches. It is printed on Baryta archival photographic paper which is similar to traditional fibre based papers and has a superb dynamic range.

When I photographed this image I imagined the two balloons as a couple, in love and becoming ever more intertwined with each other. The Jacaranda blooms in late Spring and for many Australians on the east coast (particularly Brisbane & Grafton) is a joyful reminder of the coming of Christmas.

If you would like to know more about this image or series please contact me.


Eric Olson said...

At first, I thought this was a color negative but it's NOT! This realization provided many moments of reflection on the nature of preconception and how we tend to filter reality and images according to internal lenses. Our challenge as photographers is either to strip away these barriers to clarity or to embrace them with honesty, so that we can know ourselves better, and perhaps to produce better art. The image is also interesting when viewed AS a color reversal - the light white balloon becomes a heavy and forboding element that seems to smother the other in an oppressive background of gloom - a precise reversal of meaning accomplished only with shifts of color.

josephine said...

such a beautiful image!

Johan always said the Jacarandas were a reminder (for him when he was at UQ) that is was nearly exam time :)