July 19, 2010

You are invited

Finally! As some of you know, late last year I photographed a new body of work. Previously somewhat elusive about it I am excited to finally announce the exhibition of this work at Ida Nowhere here in Berlin.

The Devices project aims to encourage debate about the effect our personal devices - phones, cameras, laptops, mp3’s - have on our relationships with other people and our external environment. No one can deny that we live in an age of access and are more closely connected to each other then ever before but this project aims to look at how these devices also cause disconnection and a shallower experience of our external world.

The show will be a combination of printed images and a digital projection.

The exhibition runs for one night only at Ida Nowhere, Donaustrasse 79, Berlin from 6pm-10pm. Official opening and screening is at 7pm.Hope to see you there!

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Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Hi Rachel,
Hope the exhibition goes well. The access we have to a plethora of personal devices and disconnection with others is really interesting. It brings up some perplexing ideas about sympathy and compassion and the expression of these emotions...don't you think?