March 5, 2009

In Love With Birds

I have fallen deeply in love with Marian Drew's new body of work 'Birds'.  I almost wept when I saw them at the Queensland Centre for Photography's latest exhibition opening.  For me there is a sublimely spiritual feel to these works.  One which I cannot express in words.  
In the works Drew "hopes to draw attention to the value and beauty of these animals".  Her interests are in the environment and in this work she brings the issues to the domestic front as beautiful and feminine tableau's.
I was impressed by the attention to detail in the choice of cloth and the inclusion of feminine and domestic objects such as a needle, a thimble or a jug.  In some she combines drawing with photography.  Fallen Bird is a stunning example of this.  
Her work is showing at the QCP until 29th March and they are well worth seeing 'in the real'.  
Just beautiful.

Above Image: Kingfisher with Chinese Cloth and Strawberries by Marian Drew 
Image courtesy of the artist

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