March 2, 2009

Launch arrives at Clayton Utz

Our ears popped as my partner and I took the quick lift to level 28 of Riparian Plaza. The view was stunning.  Just on sunset, cumulo-nimbus clouds piled high in shades of blue and pink- looking like ice-cream just waiting to have a spoon dipped into it.  
There were celebratory drinks this evening to mark the arrival of the LAUNCH finalists works into the Clayton Utz office. 
Champagne in hand we played the game of 'Find the artworks', poking our heads into the many conference and meeting rooms that make up the maze of Clayton Utz.  As a fledgling artist it was a thrill to see my image (above), from the Archimedes' Field series, gracing the wall of one of the larger meeting rooms.  The image seemed to leap out of the mustard yellow wall and  I was glad I chose to print the image so large.  On the opposite wall was a gorgeous work by the talented Adriane Hayward also perfectly matched to its location.  It was wonderful to see so much consideration taken in the placement of works.  
The works are on loan to Clayton Utz for six months and are a mix of photographic art, painting and sculpture from 25 artists.

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