October 23, 2009

Frankie, I Love You

Today I heard my landlord place something against my door. He'd already delivered the days firewood and coal so I knew exactly what it must be. I flew to the door and immediately began ungracefully tearing open my package. My Frankie Photo Album had arrived!!!

Yes, Lara and Louise I do love, love, LOVE the Frankie Photo Album!!!

The experience of a book such as this can only be improved with a cup of tea such as Peppermint or in this case Chamomile.

Aha! Here I am on pages 70-71. My image looks pretty good I think!

The book is simply darling. Words I would use to describe it are: uplifting, inspiring, melancholic, funny, sad, quirky, sweet, odd, endearing, nostalgic and lovely.

With images from artists all over the globe it evoked a sense of connectedness that I haven't experienced in a photo book in quite a while. I was impressed by the careful curation by the editors with the images on each page working together wonderfully and a range of emotions experienced in peaks and falls throughout the reading of it. It is the kind of book I can come back to over and over and still find enjoyment, peace and inspiration.

I settled in with a cup of tea and went through each page slowly, taking in the artists comments on each image. The book feels nice to touch too which is always important for me. It adds to its overall deliciousness. When I finished reading it I let out a deep sigh of contentment, got up, picked up my camera and went outside and started photographing.

Now that is a good book!

I believe there are still copies of the limited edition book available here though I hear they are selling very quickly.

Here is the image that made it into the book:


Stephen P said...

Congratulations on getting your pic included! I love your field polaroid set, the one I have (same as included in Frankie) takes pride of place on my mantle-piece.
The photo album looks very inspiring.

Astrid said...

I agree with you; it's such a good book. I'm so proud to be part of it!

That's a beautiful polaroid you got there!

Anonymous said...

wow, that's awesome your picture made it into the photo album!! It's so pretty, I love it!


Dennis said...

I love the book too. It's good that you get your wood and coal delivered to your door.

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on the book! Beautiful work.