April 16, 2010

Viewfinder Exhibition tonight

The Second annual Viewfinder exhibition opens tonight at Nine Lives Gallery in Fortitude Valley. I love the community feel of this show, the fact that works don't have artists names on them, how everything is smaller than a 6x4, that it is open for all to submit and that all works have to be film based. What results is a gallery filled with hundreds of tiny images all mixed in together almost like a real live Flickr site where viewers can pick and choose what they like. Works are very affordable at just $10 each which, you might realize, barely covers the cost of the prints. However, I just love to be a part of it so I've submitted five of my Polaroid images.

These images were taken in 2008 and are part of a larger series of Polaroid's that explore chance and synchronicity in the everyday. I guess at the time I was questioning what it means to exist and wondered about fate vs. chaos and the possibility that magic (or that feeling of it) could exist. I never showed the series because I never found the answers but when I recently came across it again while going through my archives I was quite surprised by the darkness and sombre mood in a lot of images. They are certainly a reflection of the soul-searching I was doing at the time and while I didn't see it at the time I think the process of creating the images answered a lot of questions I had. I think this is a series that I will be returning to and expanding on.

The works are 5x4inches in size (including the white Polaroid edge) and will only be at the above price at the Nine Lives Gallery. However, I am making another five signed copies of each available for only $20 per print and only until the end of April. Contact me for further information.

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Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox said...

Hi Rachel,
It is interesting how older work can initially appear problematic, insignificant, unresolved, but at a later date can reveal things you had been unaware of. I'll try and get to see the show.