April 16, 2010

Well Hung

This week is National Youth Week and I'm lucky enough to still be considered in that category. Some of my new work will be on display in the Well Hung exhibition organised by Vegas Spray. The exhibition is in King George Square and runs from 2pm - 7pm.

The complete artist list:

Angus Whelan, Nicola Morton, Felix Melchner, James Lyall, Yuki Nakano, Emma Bertoldi, Ella Peile, Lionel Jackman, Lucinda Wolber, Adelaide Short, Haylee Lee, Daniel Ford, Bettina Walsh, Rachel Marsden (me!), Alicia Williams, Emily Parker,Travis Dewan, Holly Leonardson, Alithea Josaphine, Ellen Stapleton, Tammy Law, Visual Monkeys.

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