May 8, 2009

Aposelene - Rebecca Smith

I was serious when I said in my last post that you really need to be at the QCP tomorrow night from 5-8pm.  Rebecca Smith's work will take your breath away.  Anyone who has seen her work 'in the real' will let you know how moving her images are.  There is a strange haunted look in the eye of one who has beheld any of her work.  Again I need a better vocabulary to describe it.  Here is the QCP blurb about her work:

"Rebecca Smith is a recent graduate from the Queensland College of Art. Smith’s series Aposelene concerns the life of her younger sister who is fifteen years old. Aposelene is an intimate, poetic series that documents the crucial stage of adolescence through portraiture and landscape photography. The viewer begins to see the young girl’s transformation and early development of her identity."

Rebecca is also a close personal friend of mine who has always been very encouraging of my own work and for that I am very grateful.  

If you are a collector looking for something truly special Aposolene is available as a limited edition handmade book. Sooo yummy.  Another piece I wish I owned.

So, yes, I must re-iterate - QCP opening tomorrow night from 5-8pm Corner of Cordelia and Russell Streets
South Brisbane.

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Emily said...

I know that facial expression... I have seen it on another girl of a similar age. Maybe that's why I love this piture.