May 18, 2009

Portrait: Chloe, Ross, Jaiden and the horse

In line with my desire to do 'special commissioned portraits'  I was thrilled when Chloe and Ross asked me to photograph their 8 month old son Jaiden in their family home.  Capturing memories of their son at this age was very important to them.  They really wanted me to capture every expression Jaiden had as well as the relationships they have with each other.  He was so much fun to photograph - really active, with gorgeous pouty lips and some hilarious expressions!  
They also had a pet horse - okay maybe it was a dog.  The horse was hilarious to photograph too - he was so sulky and the looks of resignation in his eyes as I took pictures of him made me laugh.  
What made it extra special for me was knowing how much they value their family ties.  The home was once Chloe's parents home, and before that, her grandparents, so the location was perfect for capturing yet another generation growing up there.

Two hours after delivering the images I got this message from Chloe:
"Hi Rachel, we both just want to tell you how much we love the photos!  They are all absolutely gorgeous.  We have watched the slideshow five times already and you even bought a tear to Ross's eye!  Thank you so much again we really appreciate it."

For me that is the most valued reward for photographing a very special family.  Thanks Chloe, Ross, Jaiden and Toby (the horse!)


Pernell said...

Those are goooorgeous. I bet Chloe was very pleased.

Emily said...

Hehe... I love the one of the "resigned" dog. :-P

josephine said...

my my, he certainly looks like a crisp doesn't he?