May 10, 2009

Exhibition Afterword

Image from 'Aposelene' by Rebecca Smith

What can I say? I just love Rebecca's work. I love how it was presented. I love small, intimate works and her work is a very intimate portrait of her teenaged sister. The title 'Aposelene' means the point at which a satellite orbiting the moon is furthest away from the object it orbits.

Darryl Hewson opened the event which also featured five other artists in various stages of their careers. Darryl Hewson summed up her work beautifully expressing that the work for him was about how you can think you know someone so well but in reality you can never totally know them and perhaps in a way you don't know them at all. (He phrased it much better than I could).

If you get the chance to see the work at the Queensland Centre for Photography pay attention to the order of the images, the pairings etc. Everything is deliberate and poetic.

Peter Wilson's work Chasing Storms was in the small yet welcoming gallery space at the back. I loved the way it was displayed. The images were printed on Silver rag paper in varying sizes and displayed in informal layers. Being in such a small room it was easy to become totally immersed in his vision. He is another artist whose works are visual poems.

Also showing were artists Ben Ali Ong, Deborah Paauwe, Mark Kimber and Terry Young.


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